Our Mission

HumanForests stands for Forests built by Human. Trees plant species, a perennial plants are linked to humanity in matters of both survival and thrive, oxygen, food, art, pleasure and love. HumanForests recognizes this and build on this fact as cornerstone.

HumanForests is non-profit organization which is involved in afforestation of public-governmental, agreed on terms with landlords, organization acquired and donated land.

HumanForests provides navigation map vouchers to trees planted with financial help from donors and benefactors. All donors are welcome visiting trees whose life they co-created.

HumanForests is run by enthusiasts from all over the world, projects are decentralized and anyone is welcome to take part of action. We encourage individual actions taken in trees growing on any space that is not occupied so if you plant trees we consider you part of our team!

Ongoing projects are:

Fruit Cities, Forever Plant, Forest Festival FF, Terra Preta Revival.

Strong actions planned for spring 2017.

Please plant tress when-ever and where-ever you can. This will illuminate your being, help our presence needs in clean air and food and provide for future generation pristine earth, earth that we live on!